Challenger Baseball

Challenger Baseball

… is about so much more than just playing baseball. Its a chance for athletes to come together, to learn something new, to be physically active, to enhance their leadership skills, to strengthen their courage and build strong relationships-with themselves, their peers and their leaders.

Our athletes range in skill level from never having played before to being fairly advanced.
Everyone is welcome! If your child has any siblings, they are welcome to sign-up as well.

Most of our players are on the autism spectrum, or have a developmental or physical delays.

We are accepting registration throughout the season and are open to all ages and abilities.

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We play…

Sunday Afternoons


AGES 3-6
AGES 7-9


AGES 10-12
AGES 13+

Cornwall Diamonds
425 Cornwall Road, Oakville, Ontario

Neyagawa Diamonds
540 River Glen Boulevard, Oakville, Ontario